HIGHLIGHTS OF HADSAP 1ST Membership Luncheon Meeting


Issue 1, Volume 1

March 2018


HADSAP opened 2018 celebrating Women’s Month with Empowered Women!

The Health and Dietary Supplements Association of the Philippines (HADSAP) opened the year with a bang! Last March 15, HADSAP members enjoined for their quarterly Membership Luncheon meeting at Pfizer’s new office in Rockwell Makati (Pfizer is one of the active members of the association).

HADSAP Officers and members with Ms. Cory Quirino
HADSAP Officers and members with Ms. Cory Quirino

The membership meeting started with very high energy and festive mood.  All members were excited to hear the topics on Women Empowerment from the three of the most celebrated empowered women in the Philippines – Amor Maclang, Teresa Herrera, and Ms. Cory Quirino.  Each woman is well known for their respective advocacy and their experience and background that will inspire and empower women.

HADSAP President Ms. Leni Olmedo with Empowered Women Guest Speakers. L-R: Theresa Herrera, Leni Olmedo, Cory Quirino and Amor Maclang)

HADSAP President Ms. Leni Olmedo with Empowered Women Guest Speakers. L-R: Theresa Herrera, Leni Olmedo, Cory Quirino and Amor Maclang)



RECAP: 2017 Accomplishments and MOVING FORWARD TO 2018 by Ms. Leni Olmedo

When you gather women of different backgrounds in one room, expect it to be lively, full of energy, shared laughters and stories about almost everything.

HADSAP members dominated by female crowd gathered together for their first Membership Luncheon Meeting.  This year’s regular quarterly membership meeting was opened with a theme Women Empowerment.  No less than HADSAP’s Chairman and Amway’s Country Manager, Ms. Leni Olmedo welcomed the guest speakers and members.

Ms. Leni started by sharing the association’s 2017 Accomplishments.  Amongst them: Strengthened ties with FDA thru courtesy call and discussed working together towards process simplification and capacity building; IADSA Grant Application submitted last March 2018  headed by the Regulatory Affairs Committee; 3) HADSAP 1st CEO night; 4) Participation in the FDA Advocacy Fair; 5) Fundraising Initiative for the benefit of a partner NGO: Movie Block Screening; and the CSR Project– Christmas with SOS Children Village

HADSAP Chairman Olmedo also presented the industry outlook for five (5) years. Euromonitor Data showed that the sales of Consumer Health went up to 65.9M last year (Vitamins and Dietary Supplements 26.7M; Weight Management 8M; Herbal and traditional Medicines 9.9M) while the market share being Sports Nutrition 63.1%, Vitamins and Dietary 39.4%, Weight Management 44.3%, Herbal, and traditional medicines 50.3%.  [Source: Euromonitor] (Click here for HADSAP Chairman Leni Olmedo’s full report)

As for HADSAP’s plan for this year and the coming years, the association wants to focus on educating the public and advocating for active and healthy lifestyle.  Education is the key Olmedo emphasizes to help address the nutrition gaps.   In addition, the association vows to actively participate in the ASEAN Harmonization.

HADSAP Chairman, Ms. Leni Olmedo while giving her welcome remarks.

HADSAP Chairman, Ms. Leni Olmedo while giving her welcome remarks.



LEADERS MAKE MOVEMENT from Ms. Amor Maclang of Geisler-Maclang

“Movement” as Maclang put it is about radical transparency and colorizing the culture.  In this age and industry, if you want to be snackable and relevant, you have to put everything you stand for in infographics.  Today, technology is the biggest game changer.  We are one and connected in a platform that is unalterable and immutable.  To be a leader, a market leader is more difficult than being a market challenger.  Being a leader is to continue being relevant and to be mindful of your reputation.

Ms. Maclang defined “Leaders Make Movement” as taking risks, reinvention, and making platform.  She expounded on this by defining Leadership.  According to her leadership is about service.  The sign of a true leadership is when people rally behind your cause.   If you are not relevant to the society, you are vulnerable to the society.  In an era of digital technology,   Movement transcends all types of communication.  It’s not about the brand or the price, it is about what you stand for. 

The challenge to all women today is to make a movement.  To own that kind of leadership, women must think past the gender assignment and be true to what she stands for.  There are two things to do in this life – to do good things and to do great things for others.  And you can start by being true to yourself. 

Amor Maclang may be more known as a lifestyle publicist but she is partly responsible for pioneering Social Marketing in the Philippines through Word-Of-Mouth, Internet Buzz, and Influencer Activations. She is a specialist in strategic marketing communications who service well-loved market leaders and young niche brands. Her campaigns have garnered local recognition from the PRSP’s Anvil Awards, IABC’s Quill Awards, and was even the only PR agency nominated for the Effectiveness Agency of the Year of the Tambuli Awards. She has conceptualized and led local campaigns that were adapted for regional markets. In her many achievements, one of her proudest is to have developed the campaign that earned the Global Best Practice in Marketing from Kraft Foods worldwide. It was a first win for Asia Pacific and a first for a PR- led marketing program.

Ms. Amor Maclang, Leaders Make Movement

Ms. Amor Maclang, Leaders Make Movement

Guest Speaker Ms. Amor Maclang is a globally Award Winning Brand Architect, Risk/Crisis/Reputation Strategist, Marketing, and Communications Innovator, a graduate of Ateneo de Manila University. In 2003, she co-founded a market research and consultancy firm, which gradually evolved into Public Relations. From then on, she led GeiserMaclang Marketing Communications, Inc. move into social marketing and is now one of the country’s leading industry innovators.  (Click here for Amor Maclang’s Leaders Make Movement presentation)



EMPOWERMENT THRU FITNESS by Theresa Herrera (actress/model/entrepreneur/wellness advocate)

Teresa Herrera-Anthony also spoke about mindfulness and good intentions. She emphasized the importance of looking after your physical, mental, social, and spiritual self as a way of taking care of yourself.   She encouraged everyone in the audience to keep a healthy lifestyle and do exercises that will improve all aspects of wellness.  Ten to fifteen minutes of exercise each day can do wonders – benefit and change your total well-being.  Taking care and loving oneself will help you nourish not only the body but the soul as well.

Today, Teresa is also a yoga and dance teacher, who is behind the movement called Trance Dance. She co-organized Global Mala Project 2013 held last Sept 21 in Rockwell.

 Ms. Theresa Herrera during her talk

Ms. Theresa Herrera during her talk

About the Speaker: Teresa Herrera, TV host, actress, model, style icon, and creative visionary has an impressive background with more than 15 years of experience in the fashion, beauty, travel, art and entertainment industries. Her passions lie in the arts and takes inspirations from film, theatre, fashion, art, dance, yoga, globe-trotting and scuba diving.  She lives between Los Angeles, CA, and Manila, Philippines.



TOTAL WELLNESS by Ms. Cory Quirino, Wellness Guru, and Entrepreneur

Ms. Cory Quirino earned her popularity by advocating wellness.  She started her talk by defining wellness.  Wellness according to her is the total state of the body, mind, and spirit.  She then continued her talk by sharing ways to stay young and healthy.


 Here are the tips for being healthy from Ms. Cory Quirino:

Smart Eating

  • Do not overeat.  Learn to listen to the signals of your body. 
  • Eat a balance diet and everything in moderation.  There is no successful diet than this.
  • Keep good enzyme in the body.  Enzymes work when eaten raw.
  • Be mindful of what you eat (Rule of 5 and 7  – 5 and 7 varieties of vegetables/fruits daily)

Keep the body clean (good hygiene)

  • a healthy body is a clean body.

Get enough sleep

  • because cell regeneration and repair happens when we are asleep.  Sleep deprivation harms our body.

Manage your stress well

  • Choose to be positive.Control the situation.  If you can’t control the situation, control your emotions.


  • we should also take good care of the spiritual side.  This is as important as the physical, psychological, and emotional aspect of our being.

She also shared her 5 Ds of Total Wellness 

  • Desire, Drive, Discipline, Delight, Decision. According to her, you have to have the desire that will drive you to total wellness.  That desire and drive will give you discipline to do the things that you must do in order to achieve your health goals.  Once you see the results of your hard work, you will be delighted and that will make your decision to stay healthy.


Empowerment makes no sense if you do not love yourself. 




Latest in Regulatory News:

  • Submitted IADSA Grant Application
  • Meeting with FDA to discuss current issues faced by the industry such as payment, evaluation and approval processing.
  • Update on ASEAN THMS
  • PDRI Implementation
  • Update on labeling guidelines
  • Increase in Fees effective April 2018
  • HADSAP proposal for Regular Kapihan with FDA
  • FDAC Relocation
  • E-Commerce
Click here for full Regulatory Report Presentation
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